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Halifax Water offers it's services to thousands of customers across Halifax Municipality everyday. This is the place to learn more about what Halifax Water and our customers are responsible for. Learn more about preventing pollution, water conservation, the protected lakes and surrounding areas that provide our customers with safe drinking water, where those protected areas are, and much more!

Low-Flow Showerhead

Reducing Your Water & Wastewater Use

Halifax Water bills (for water and wastewater service customers) change according to water usage so each household or business will differ based on individual usage (or consumption) patterns. The water meter measures the amount of water used in a household or business which comprises the largest part of water and wastewater charges on your bill, so lower usage means a lower bill.

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Banner Image - Flushing a Wipe - Don't Dump It

Don't Dump It

Wastewater is produced when you shower, wash clothes, flush the toilet, prepare your meals, and clean up dishes. However, not everything that is disposed of down the drain is safe for the plumbing in your house or safe for the miles of public sewers that service your community.

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Map App on Mobile

Maps & Apps

Halifax Water is proud to provide a gallery of maps, mapping applications, and relevant mapping resources for public access. Use these to learn more about our services, infrastructure, major projects and more.

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