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Major Halifax Water Projects

The major construction projects Halifax Water is currently undertaking

Halifax is one of Canada’s oldest cities, and with that comes aging water and sewer infrastructure that needs renewal.

Over the next 30 years, Halifax Water plans to invest about $2.6 billion to upgrade infrastructure to ensure the continued delivery of high quality water, wastewater and storm water services to benefit our customers and the environment. Below are some of the projects currently underway at Halifax Water.

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Customer Connect

Customer Connect is an initiative to upgrade our technology. Customer Connect will increase customer convenience, improve our infrastructure to help protect the environment, and prepare you and Halifax Water for the future.

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Chisholm Avenue Sewer Main Replacement Project

Due to a number of pipe failures this spring and earlier this summer, Halifax Water is undertaking an urgent repair of the sewer main on Chisholm Avenue. This work is necessary to reduce the risk of further infrastructure failure that would impact local residents, the general public and the environment.

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Learn More information about Chisholm Avenue Sewer Main Replacement Project

Year in Review

As an old municipality with aging infrastructure, last year saw a focus on infrastructure renewal. With $41 million in funding through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) program, Halifax Water went to work on priority and innovative projects, including:

  • Renewal of 4.1 KM of 100 year old trunk sewer along the Northwest Arm of Halifax
  • Upgrade of the Sullivans Pond storm system in Dartmouth
  • Renewal of 1800's vintage water mains from Chain Lake to Halifax peninsula
  • Replacement of the timber crib dam at Lake Major
  • Replacement of filter underdrains at J.D. Kline water supply plant at Pockwock Lake

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