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Halifax Water's Public Maps & Application Gallery

Halifax Water is proud to provide a gallery of maps, mapping applications, and relevant mapping resources for public access. Use these to learn more about our services, infrastructure, major projects and more.

Public Application Gallery

Lead Service Line Boundary

Thumbnail image of Lead Service line map

The Lead Service Line Boundary map displays the geographical region in which lead service lines may have been installed in Halifax. The app allows users to search a civic address to determine if an address falls within or outside the boundary.

Major Halifax Water Capital Projects


Capital projects potentially impact customers during the construction phase. 2020-21 fiscal year Capital/Major Projects have been depicted in this Web Application.


    Source Water Protection Areas

      Thumbnail image of source water protection map

      Source water refers to the lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater where our drinking water comes from. Help us protect these areas by keeping them clean and untouched by avoiding these areas as much as possible.

      Stormwater Service Boundary

        Thumbnail image of the stormwater boundary map

        Is your property within the Halifax Water stormwater service boundary? Look it up by typing in your address, use your civic address or your Parcel ID. This boundary map is for the Halifax Water site related stormwater charge only. 


          Where Does My Wastewater Go?

            thumbnail image of Where Does My Wastewater Go map

            Which of the seven wastewater treatment facilities handles your wastewater? Or is it one of the seven smaller treatment plants? Find out by typing in your address.

              Where Does My Water Come From?

                Thumbnail image of Where Does My Water Come From map

                With three large and six smaller water supply plants, do you know where your water comes from? Simply type in your address and find out.


                  Fire Hydrant & Catchbasin Map

                    Thumbnail image of the Hydrant and Catchbasin map

                    Fire hydrants and catchbasins are both critical pieces of infrastructure for the communities within the  municipality. This map marks their locations with the hope they can be better cared for.

                      Bulk Water Filling Station Locations

                        Thumbnail image of the Bulk Water Filling Station Locations

                        Bulk filling stations allow bulk water haulers to get potable water from the distribution system year round, 24 hours per day.


                          Public Mapping

                          Water Treatment Plants

                            Thumbnail of Water Treatment Plants mapping product

                            Fun facts, figures, location information and process information for Halifax Water owned and operated Water Supply Plants.

                              Wastewater Treatment Facilities

                                Thumbnail image of Wastewater Treatment mapping product

                                Fun facts, figures, location information and process information for Halifax Water owned and operated Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

                                GIS Icon


                                GIS SYMBOLOGY

                                • Halifax Water uses standardized representation to symbolize their distribution and collection systems. Reference this documentation for our GIS Legend.


                                FCode Icon


                                GIS FEATURE CODES

                                • Halifax Water uses unique Feature Codes (FCodes) to catalogue their distribution and collection system GIS assets.  Reference this document for our GIS FCode Table.


                                Open Data Icon


                                OPEN DATA

                                • Utility datasets are distributed through Halifax Regional Municipality's open data catalogue.  Terms of Use are defined in Halifax Water's Open Data Policy.


                                Contact Us For More Information

                                If you have questions or would like additional information visit the Public Halifax Water App Gallery or contact us through the Halifax Water Customer Care Centre at 902-420-9287