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2023 Water Distribution System Flushing

Customers in these areas may see changes in water pressure or discolouration
Published: 2:59 PM | April 27, 2023
Updated: 10:09 AM | June 26, 2023

(June 26, 2023) Halifax Water has completed the 2023 water distribution flushing program. This important work helps maintain high-quality water throughout the water distribution system.

We thank our customers for their patience throughout this important work.


(April 27, 2023) To maintain high-quality water throughout the water distribution system, Halifax Water crews will begin our 2023 water distribution flushing program on April 30, 2023.  

This work will begin overnight on Sunday, April 30 continuing on a five-day cycle from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Flushing will not take place overnight on Fridays or Saturdays.

This five-day flushing cycle will continue for approximately two months as crews move throughout the distribution system.

Where is this happening? 

The interactive map below shows where this important maintenance work is taking place. Halifax Water crews will be completing this work throughout the water distribution system over the coming months. 

You can view the 2023 Water Distribution System Flushing map in a new browser window.

What is Water Distribution System Flushing? 

This work involves opening fire hydrants to allow water to flow from fire hydrants at key points throughout the distribution system.

Opening these fire hydrants allow water to flow much faster than normal through the water mains in the area. This fast-moving water clears natural minerals (iron and manganese) that can build up inside pipes. Proactively flushing these pipes helps to ensure that Halifax Water is providing high-quality water to our customers.  

How will this work impact customers? 

Customers may experience temporarily discoloured water while this work is taking place in their area. It is recommended that those customers run the COLD water at one faucet until the water runs clear. To learn more about discoloured water and to report it, please visit

Customers may also experience temporary changes in water pressure during this work.  

This work is not expected to impact traffic.

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