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CN/HRM South Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Published: 3:40 PM | April 13, 2021

Starting in mid-April 2021, Canadian National Railway (CN) and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) will begin a construction project to rehabilitate the existing South Street bridge in Halifax, near the Northwest Arm. As part of this work, stormwater and wastewater piping on the existing bridge will be temporarily relocated to an adjacent temporary steel bridge.

Once work on the existing CN bridge is complete, the wastewater and stormwater pipes will be relocated back to the CN bridge and buried under the new road structure. The temporary steel bridge will then be removed.

To further enhance water service in the area, a new water main will also be installed on the CN bridge (under the road structure) and extend up into the Oxford/South streets intersection. Short disruptions to water service can be anticipated, however, no disruption to wastewater service is expected. Residents will be notified by the contractor in advance of any water service disruptions.
Based on current projections, the overall bridge rehabilitation project will be completed by late September 2021.  

More details and updates regarding the South Street CN Bridge Rehabilitation project can be found on the municipality’s web page, here.

Jake Fulton, Communications Associate