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Lakeview Avenue - Smoke Testing

Smoke testing will take place between November 12 and December 13, 2019
Published: 1:59 PM | November 5, 2019
Updated: 10:42 AM | December 6, 2019

Halifax Water will be smoke testing a portion of the wastewater system in the Springfield Lake area on Lakeview Avenue. Smoke testing will take place from anytime 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM between November 12th and December 13th, 2019. This activity is weather dependent.

On one of these days within the time frame above, our smoke test crews will walk along your street and around the outside of your house looking for signs of smoke. All Halifax Water employees carry photo ID.

Customers do not need to be home at the time of testing (we do not need to enter your home). But it is very important all occupants of the building be aware of this testing.

Smoke seen coming from roof plumbing vents and manholes is normal. Smoke should not enter your home. If it does, it may be an indication of a defect in your plumbing that could be allowing harmful sewer gas into your home. This can happen if you have sinks, tubs/showers and floor drains that are not used regularly and the water in their plumbing traps evaporates. You can prevent this by pouring three cups of water down the drain or running the faucet for 60 seconds every so often (i.e. once a month).

The type of smoke used is non-toxic, non-staining, and non-harmful. It has a slight odour and is light gray in colour. For more information, click here.

Police, Fire, City Officials, and your neighbours have also received this notification.

Smoke Testing Fact Sheet

For questions contact Halifax Water:

902-483-8187 or

Inflow & Infiltration Group