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Protecting Drinking Water Sources in HRM

Please respect all posted signage in protected areas
Published: 12:30 PM | June 29, 2021
Updated: 12:50 PM | July 13, 2021

Halifax Water’s drinking water supply is a vital resource for approximately 376,000 people, and our watersheds must be protected. That’s why Halifax Water is legally obligated to protect the carefully managed land in these areas: Pockwock, Tomahawk, Lake Major, Bennery Lake, Chain Lakes and Lake Lemont, which are managed for source water protection purposes.

These lands and the roads and trails within are not public access trails. Gates, remote security cameras and other security measures are maintained to deter illegal and unwanted activities.

We want to inform the public who choose to access these lands that they do so at their own risk and may do so only by foot or non-motorized bicycle where signage specifically permits.

Based on feedback from local residents in the Hammonds Plains area, we have recently replaced signage and reinforced barriers. These restrictions are for the protection of the public, public health, and the environment. The Pockwock water pipeline road that runs from the Pockwock Water Supply Plant to Kearney Lake Road, including the beach area at Halfway Lake, is considered private land and is subject to permissions and restrictions.


Halifax Water Protected Areas - Pockwock

If you are in Halifax Water’s protected water areas, please respect all posted signage for specific permissions and restrictions in each area that may include:

  • No camping
  • No fires
  • No unauthorized tree cutting
  • No unauthorized trail building
  • No garbage dumping
  • Pets must be on leash at ALL times
  • Clean up after your pet(s)
  • No hunting, snaring, or trapping

Access to these areas is limited to foot traffic and non-motorized bicycles. It against the law to enter these areas with any motorized vehicle, with a maximum fine of $2422.50.

To report illegal activities related to the use of off-highway vehicles or hunting and trapping activities, please contact 1-800-565-2224 or your local HRP/RCMP detachment at 902-490-5020.

To report an emergency, please contact 911.

To learn more about Halifax Water’s protected areas, please visit:

Jake Fulton, External Communications & Public Relations Advisor