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Toilet Paper: The One and Only Flushable Wipe

Wipes, paper towels & tissues do not break down like toilet paper
Published: 11:20 AM | March 20, 2020


With the increased use of so called “flushable wipes” resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Halifax Water would like to remind residents these wipes are not flushable. They belong in your garbage. Wipes don’t breakdown and get caught up in wastewater treatment facility screens and filters and clog wastewater pumping station pumps. This is costly to Halifax Water in both time and resources during this critical period.


Sewage backup inside a basement bathroom

At a time when residents are being quarantined or self-isolated at home due to COVID-19, nobody wants to be out of their residence due to a sewer back-up. This is costly to the homeowner and poses potential health risks.

Sewer/wastewater collection systems and wastewater treatment facilities are designed to treat the 3P’s - pee, poop and paper (toilet paper) only. So called “flushable wipes” go  in your garbage.

Halifax Water has produced an educational video, “Toilet Paper – The One and Only Flushable Wipe”. For more information on Pollution Prevention, please visit

James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Manager