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Hornes Road & Area - Inflow & Infiltration Project

Stormwater is not permitted to enter into the Halifax Water wastewater system

Halifax Water is performing inflow and infiltration reduction projects throughout HRM, including Hornes Road, Janice Anne Drive and Scott Drive. Repairs have been made to the public wastewater infrastructure in the street.

Public Webinar

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Inflow & Infiltration (I&I)

The wastewater system is designed to carry the flows from your toilets, sinks, showers, dishwashers and washing machines. When stormwater enters the wastewater system, either through direct connections (sump pumps, downspouts, foundation drains, etc.) or pipe defects (cracks and breaks), it is considered inflow and infiltration (I&I).

The added stormwater I&I causes increased flows that can overwhelm the wastewater system resulting in flooded basements or spills of raw sewage in your neighbourhood.

I&I Reduction Project

Halifax Water is performing an I&I reduction project in the Hornes Road, Janice Anne Drive and Scott Drive area. Repairs have been made to the public wastewater infrastructure in the street.

We now need you to assess your private property’s stormwater drainage for I&I connections to the wastewater system. This could include sump pumps, downspouts and interior/exterior drains as well as damage to the wastewater pipe that connects your building to the system in the street. Where I&I connections are found, please make repairs or modifications to redirect the stormwater.

At a later date, pending COVID-19 limitations, Halifax Water will be performing mandatory property inspections to examine outside and inside your buildings. If I&I connections are found, you will be given a deadline to make repairs.

Project Map
Frequently Asked Questions

Property owners in this project area have been asked to assess their property for stormwater sources connected to the Halifax Water wastewater system. Where inflow and infiltration sources are found, property owners need to make repairs. A webinar on October 6, 2020, provided additional information. Questions asked during this webinar are summarized below and have been recently updated based on new information.

Q:     Is Hornes Road the first area to be going through this type of project?
A:     No. Similar Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) projects have been occurring throughout HRM for numerous years as part of Halifax Water’s Wet Weather Management Program and the I&I Reduction Program.

Q:     What is the price range of the repairs that property owners may need to pay?
A:     Costs vary depending on what is found. For example, a cleanout cap can be purchased for a minimal cost at a home improvement center. For a downspout redirection, a property owner may be able to do the repairs themselves by using a couple of tools, an extension pipe and elbow, as well as a cap for the disconnected pipe. More complex repairs, such as a lateral replacement, would be more costly. Owners need to look at their property to assess potential issues. It may be helpful to consult with a plumber or other qualified professional. Halifax Water suggests getting free quotes for repairs from multiple contractors for price comparison.

Q:     Is there financial assistance available if required, or is a payment plan offered?
A:     For full lateral replacements, the property owner can consider using Halifax Water’s lateral loan program. Details can be found here. For other repairs, there are no incentives or options for financing.

Q:     Is Halifax Water aware of what repairs are necessary at the private properties?
   Halifax Water is not aware of all necessary repairs. However, some I&I sources are identified when Halifax Water performs some specific assessment activities, such as smoke testing. Last year each property owner received a personalized letter. Halifax Water may have identified some specific items for action in that letter and also requested the owner to assess their property to make repairs to any other I&I defects.

Halifax Water is now requiring mandatory property inspections inside and outside. Any remaining necessary I&I repairs will be identified if missed by the property owner. Repairs will then need to be performed within a given deadline.

Q:     Should residents in the same area communicate with each other to determine if they have similar issues, such as needing a plumber?
   It may be beneficial for residents to work together to have repairs made. There could be cost savings by combining various similar activities when dealing with a plumber or other professionals for performing repairs.

Q:     How much time do residents have to complete repairs before the property inspections are performed?
    Due to previous COVID-19 restrictions, Halifax Water postponed performing property inspections. At this time, Halifax Water is now requiring owners to book an appointment to have the property inspection done. Each property owner will receive a letter with details of the inspection process.

Q:     Will Halifax Water be moving on to other areas in Eastern Passage besides Hornes Road at this time?
   Halifax Water has prioritized numerous areas throughout HRM that have significant wet weather issues and related Inflow and Infiltration. Based on this prioritization, different areas are assessed each year as part of the long-term multi-year program. These assessments include repairs to both public infrastructure and private properties.

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